Free Savchenko - HUNGER STRIKE - hladovka za osvobozeni Savčenkové ... 15.-29.2.2016

Support Nadiia and other political prisoners

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Council of Europe

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Support Nadiia and other political prisoners

A Ukrainian politician and former pilot in the Ukrainian Ground Forces Nadiia Viktorivna Savchenko, who currently sits on the Verkhovna Rada and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in absentia due to being imprisoned in the Russian Federation for alleged crimes.

During the 2014 War in Donbass, Savchenko, was captured by pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine and handed over to Russia, where she was charged with the killing of two Russian journalists.

Although there is sufficient evidence to prove that she was deported to Russia illegally, and that all accusations are fabricated and false, the Kremlin insists on her condemnation. It... is a political, unfair process with a pre-decided verdict and Nadiia therefore announced a new hunger strike protest.

The idea is for Members of ALDE in the Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe to support Nadiia by organizing in the month of February (from 15 to 29th ) a parliamentary hunger strike relay, where each participating politician will hold the hunger strike for one day and communicate about it to attract attention to the case and raise awareness of the situation.

What to do?
- Visit FACEBOOK- Free Savchenko - HUNGER STRIKE
- Choose a day when you would like to hold symbolic hunger strike to support Savchenko
- Prepare for the day your own activities, what could better visualize the topic of political prisoners, but this is not a requirement
- Take photos, videos, and insert them on this Facebook page
- Post comments and feedback
- Support in your Committee of Foreign Affairs the adoption of the declaration, which is part of the Facebook page

Of all the pictures of politicians who will participate in this initiative will create a giant portrait of Nadiia Savchenko, which will be exhibited in April at the Council of Europe.

Resolution on the detention of Ms. Nadiia Savchenko:




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