Proclamation ... 20 cities in Europe have come together

to condemn the violent actions of the Ukrainian authorities.

Today on December 11, 2013, 20 cities in Europe have come together to condemn the violent actions of the Ukrainian authorities.

There have been brutal beatings of peaceful demonstrators, targeted attacks on media and arrests of rally participants. This and other illegal activities of the Ukrainian authorities demonstrate their complete disregard for the civil liberties and the laws of a democratic society.

The situation in Ukraine is getting worse day by day and may have catastrophic consequences, including mass reprisals against peaceful protesters.

We as the representatives of the Ukrainian community in Europe and the citizens of the European Union support fully democratic processes in Ukraine.

 We appeal to members of European Parliament, representatives of the Council of Europe, representatives of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the United Nations and the UK government to take note.

We call to condemn the actions of the President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, and the Government of the Prime-Minister Mykola Azarov.

 We ask to bring to justice those responsible for the illegal beatings and the detention of peaceful demonstrators on 30 November, 1st and 11th of December 2013. I

n order to prevent a new Iron Curtain and the destabilisation of the whole European continent, and for the safety, security and peace of our voters, we urge you to make every possible effort to prevent the further use of violence against the peaceful protesters in Ukraine and to facilitate immediate release of all political prisoners of the Euromaidan.


Prytulenko Jaroslav; Ostaschenko Alexander; Previr Yegor; Garaguts Valery; Cherevko Gennady; Nuzhnenko (Mozhnenko) Serhiy;Zahorovko Vladislav; Bolotov Yuri;Lazarev Nikolai; Solonenko Alexander; Dzyndzya Andriy; Kadura Vladimir; Panas OleghSmoliy Victor. There are no doubt more...

Furthermore we would like to remind you that today, despite various provocations, threats by police, despite the strong frost and snow, the citizens of Ukraine have stood up, not only, for their rights, honor and dignity, but also for the common values of Europe (part of which is Ukraine).

Thus, Ukraine again proves it belongs to EU by its public action and civilian courage.

We also call on the representatives of embassies and international institutions (of the UK in Ukraine) to unofficially join the citizens of Ukraine who took to the streets of their cities to exercise the freedom guaranteed by Article 39 of the Constitution of Ukraine, the right to peaceful assembly and Article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Your presence on the Maidan can save the lives of many Ukrainians who presently may become victims of their own government.

We are asking for the protection of human rights by peaceful means.

The whole world is watching us; do not let us down!



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