Ukrainian Initiative in the Czech Republic (UICR)

Ukrainian Initiative in the Czech Republic is a non-profit association based on national and civil principles. Ukrainian Initiative in the Czech Republic:

  • develops Ukrainian culture within the European and Czech communities
  • develops multinational society in the Czech Republic 
  • stands out for convergence of national minorities in the Czech Republic
  • assists cultural activities
  • helps Ukrainian citizens living in the Czech Republic 
  • cooperates with other Czech subjects wondering about relationship between Czechs and Ukrainians 
  • is a member of World Ukrainian Congress and European Ukrainian Congress                              
  • cooperates with Office of the Prime, Ukrainian Embassy in Prague
  • cooperates with municipal authorities and other national minorities                                             
  • advertises its activities in Czech and European news media                                                            
  • documents history and current size of Ukrainian minority
  • with kind support of cultural department publishes Ukrainian magazine "Porohy"                                          
  • takes care of historical monuments important for Czech and Ukrainian heritage


    To contact us please see the address below:
adresa: Ukrajinská iniciativa v ČR, Dům národnostních menšin, Vocelova 3, 120 00 Praha 2
tel.: 221 419 821 © 2017